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No Sockets for Windows Phone 7

Update: Socket support was added in Windows Phone 7.5 So this weekend I was looking into some Windows Phone 7 development, with the intention of getting started on a WP7 port of Pocket IRC.  It was all progressing along handily … Continue reading

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Twitter OAuth in C++ for Win32 – Part 2

Part 1 covered the OAuth process at a high level, and Part 2 goes over the example code in what will likely turn out to be too much detail. The example project and source files are available on Google Code; … Continue reading

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Twitter OAuth in C++ for Win32

The Problem There seems to be lackluster support for Twitter in the C++ community.  I haven’t yet seen a single Twitter client for Windows written in C++ that was… acceptable. Accessing the Twitter API using Basic Authentication is pretty straightforward, … Continue reading

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Why are Twitter Clients all AIR or .NET?

I currently use twhirl, because it’s the only Twitter client I’ve found for Windows so far that I can stand.  It’s simple, unintrusive, single column, and just generally looks decent and works well.  There are a few problems though… 1) … Continue reading

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