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In Which Statements Are Made Against #gamergate

It took me a really long time to write this post. I’ve re-written it several times. Every time I try I can’t quite figure out the best way to put together the things I want to say, so I give up until I … Continue reading

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Mark of the Ninja AI article published in Game AI Pro

Over a year ago, I submitted an article to a new AI book project by Steve Rabin (of AI Game Programming Wisdom).  That article was on the sensory/detection system we used in Mark of the Ninja, and the book has … Continue reading

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Pocket IRC is Open Source

Seeing as how the Windows Mobile platform for native C/C++ applications has effectively been killed off (at least for consumers) by Windows Phone 7 which runs only managed .NET applications, it seems like as good a time as any to … Continue reading

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Mark of the Ninja: Best. Game. Ever.

Mark of the Ninja was recently released on Xbox Live Arcade for the Xbox360, and even more recently for Windows on Steam. I was one of the programmers on Ninja, my first project at Klei Entertainment. I’d just like to … Continue reading

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I wrote this little story many years ago.  It was originally posted as a section on the EFNet #winprog channel FAQ.  The oldest copy of the FAQ page that the Wayback Machine has is 2001, so it’s at least that old, if not … Continue reading

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Memory Sand – Distributed, Peer-to-Peer, Redundant Data Storage In A Can

Time for a bit of futurism.  I would like to propose a technology, and I will call it Memory Sand, you heard it here first! This is an idea I had quite a while ago, and maybe you or other … Continue reading

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Twitter OAuth in C++ for Win32 – Part 3 – Updating Twitter Status

Part 1 covered the OAuth process at a high level, and Part 2 went over the example code in detail.  Here in Part 3, we’ll finish things off by adding support for doing OAuth POST requests, enabling you to update … Continue reading

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